Coronal Technology

Feedstock Treatment

The first segment of a Coronal facility is a full spectrum material recovery facility 
(MRF). Coronal has a US based vendor to supply the needed equipment to sort out the marketable recyclable materials, separate compostable materials and blend a proprietary feedstock “recipe” for gasification.  Feedstock is baled, stored and made ready for the conversion technology segment of the facility.

Conversion Technology

The segregated MSW “recipe” is fed into a Plasma Gasification/Vitrification Reactor (PGVR) or a bubbling fluidized bed gasifier. In the case of the PVGR, the material flows down to the base of the vessel where there is a metallurgical coke bed and the plasma torches. The organic materials gasify and the resulting synthetic gas exits the top of the vessel into a piping system for further  processing. The inorganic materials melt into a hot flowing slag that exits the base of the vessel. The slag is quenched in a water bath and becomes a non-leaching vitrified material for product use.

This by-product can be used as road aggregate, bricks, tiles, rock wool or insulation.

Gas Conditioning

Downstream from the PGVR, the synthetic gas needs to be cleaned and processed.  Coronal has integrated this process with several leading vendors. Post processing involves two main functions—recovering the thermal component created during this process and cleaning the synthetic gas before use. The synthetic gas is cleaned and processed relative to the requirements of the facility mission.

Facility Mission

A gasification waste-to-energy facility offers flexibility regarding a facility’s mission beyond existing waste-to-energy combustion solutions.

Facility missions can include:

  1. Processing the synthetic gas using a Fischer-Tropsch catalytic system or enzyme biotechnology to create biofuels
  2. Producing electricity with the use of turbines or reciprocating engines
  3. Supplementing natural gas with synthetic gas and/or combusting the synthetic gas in a boiler to create steam
  4. Processing the synthetic gas to produce specialty chemicals

Coronal offers expertise to determine the most economical and technologically efficient systems relative to the facility mission.

gasifierPlasma Gasification/Vitrification Reactor (PGVR)

The PGVR is designed and fabricated by Westinghouse Plasma Corporation (WPC), a US based company owned by its parent, AlterNRG. Coronal works with AlterNRG/ WPC for the conversion technology and has access to the license for current and future projects. Coronal provides the expertise to integrate this conversion technology and its subsystems into the entire plasma gasification facility.