Coronal LLC is a Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota based company that specializes in consulting and developing gasification waste-to-energy projects. Waste-to-energy projects provide an alternative to the use of landfills for our global waste, and provide clean renewable energy. The company is directly involved with waste-to-energy projects from early development involving feasibility studies, to design, permitting, construction, and commissioning.

Coronal offers a customized, modular approach to establishing project parameters. Working closely with the client, Coronal analyzes the waste-to-energy project from waste stream, feedstock selection, to facility output and sale of the energy and slag produced. Financing, cost efficiency and economic returns are analyzed.  Coronal customizes the various technologies and recommends the modular systems for feedstock treatment, gasification conversion, syngas conditioning, energy synthesis and systems controls. Coronal integrates the various systems to meet client needs for synthetic gas, steam, electricity or biofuels while simultaneously meeting all local codes/regulations and environmental standards. In this approach the client can better make decisions as to the best technology, finance structure for the project and the size and mission of the facility.

Coronal works with its partners to build gasification waste-to-energy facilities that are economically viable, environmentally sustainable and ecologically sound. Coronal has engaged local, regional, state, national governments and private partners in business development for the development of gasification waste-to-energy facilities in North America, South America, Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Coronal is one of the few companies that completed a tour of the existing gasification waste-to-energy facilities in Japan – both the Utashinai and the Mihama-Mikata facilities. Coronal’s valuable knowledge gained from these on-site visits can be applied to the next generation gasification waste-to-energy projects Coronal is working on.

Coronal’s principals have significant backgrounds in renewable energy including gasification and combined heat and power (CHP) technologies. Knowledge of CHP systems is valuable in site selection matters for gasification facilities.

Coronal is the program manager for the proposed Koochiching County Plasma Gasification Waste-To-Energy project. The project’s name is the Renewable Energy Clean Air Project (RECAP). Coronal is leading the feasibility study, preliminary design and permitting phase of the project that is now being conducted. With the assistance of Coronal, federal and state money of five-million dollars has been secured for the funding of the project up to the construction phase with contracts from the U.S. Department of Energy and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  The feasibility study examined in detail technology, economics, environment and site selection matters. Preliminary design includes conceptual, design development and preliminary drawings and specifications. Permits obtained will include air, water, solid waste and building permits. Coronal will later oversee construction and commissioning of the project.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 3.33.46 PMCoronal is developing other potential projects in the United States and the rest of the world. Advance and initial discussions for the use of gasification for waste-to-energy projects are being conducted. Coronal places much emphasis and analysis on these discussions making sure the potential projects have the proper criteria for advancing the project. Coronal emphasizes the need for a feasibility study as a first step in development a successful project. States under consideration include Illinois, California, Texas, Virginia and Washington. International pursuits have been in various countries including Mexico, Brazil, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Indonesia and Caribbean.

Waste – A Valuable Resource

Millions of metric tons of municipal solid waste are generated in U.S. and globally every year. Traditional landfills are eyesores that take up space, leach pollution into water sources and emit methane, a greenhouse gas. Growing world economic development increases waste generation and escalates demand for fuel and energy for cooling, heating and power. Regional governments and municipalities are challenged with establishing a sustainable waste management infrastructure and securing reliable sources for fuel and energy.

Coronal offers the solution to these growing problems by using municipal solid waste (MSW) as a valuable resource to produce renewable energy. We offer system integration of gasification conversion technology that maximizes the extraction of energy from municipal solid waste in an economically viable manner.

Gasification Technology

Converts MSW and other feedstock (organic and inorganic) into marketable energy and solid by-products

Breaks down MSW feedstock with intense heat of the plasma torch into usable synthetic gas and slag

Produces syngas, biofuels, steam or electricity as valuable energy by-products

Minimizes air emissions by breaking down pollutants until rendered inert

Uses integration controls to regulate the process for a constant output

Advantages of Gasification Waste-to-Energy Process

• Waste-to-energy conversion process supplies clean, renewable energy

• Flexible alternative energy formats – syngas, biofuels, steam or electricity

• Economic development for the community and well paying job opportunities

• Landfill growth is checked as waste is destroyed

• Syngas production a viable alternative or supplement to natural gas

• Slag can be processed into road aggregate, bricks, tiles or rock wool for insulation

• Economically feasible solution that pays for itself over time

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